an evening with Derrick May

an evening with Derrick May

4th May 2012

Brown Alley

smalltown presents 2nd show



Following the first performance at smalltown on Anzac Eve Tuesday 24th April, smalltown announces a second show for Godfather of techno and electronic music pioneer DERRICK MAY on Friday May 4th at Brown Alley.

This is no ordinary show. Not only does it feature an EXTRAordinary DJ, but it offers an enlightening element. Hosted by Melbourne’s own techno wizard, DAVE PHAM, music industry and fans are invited to participate in a 1 hour special Q & A sessionfeaturing the guest of honour, DERRICK MAY.  

Recognized as one of the “founders of the techno movement”, dance veteran MAYis no stranger to the spotlight, and has famously been given the honour to lecture at the esteemed Red Bull Music Academy in the past (  Such an appearance cements his position as one of the forerunners of dance music and underscores the significance of this event slated to hit Melbourne next month.

The event proceedings will include a phenomenal performance by MAYimmediately following the Q & A. As only true legends of musical folklore would command, MAY’s showcase is confirmed to be an extended DJ set.  New and old fans will be glued to the floor for hours, getting their wiggle on with hands inthe air, right through the night as they witness in awe the master at the helm

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience DERRICK MAY as he imparts his wealth of knowledge and passion of techno, and to witness the legend put his words into action with his extended DJ set that will create one of the most memorable nights in Melbourne on record.