Bedrock with John Digweed (Melbourne)

Bedrock with John Digweed (Melbourne)

10th February 2012


Bedrock with John Digweed presented by smalltown.

The DJ's DJ - John Digweed's remained the people's choice for good reason: he's refused to get drawn into the world of celebrity and has continuously delivered

Pretentious he is not. John Digweed is as down-to-earth and likeable as any bloke you're likely to meet. His popularity has remained constant regardless of his "veteran of electronic music" tag. If it's enthusiasm, edginess and damn right distinctive music you're after, Digweed can't be beaten.

For fans of electronic music, the name John Digweed is probably enough to send most into an acute spasm brought on by hyper-excitement. Digweed's drifted from chief music maker to a name synonymous in popular culture. He's known for his deep and mysterious sets with a fastidious approach to production.

The Englishman has traveled the globe and has built up one hell of a reputation that's unmatched and untouched for nearly two decades. He has written his name into electronic music folklore with too many achievements and success to note.

His list of triumphs is truly astounding - the first British DJ to hold a resident at New York's Twilo club; remixing William Orbit, Underworld, New Order and his legendary mixes for Global Underground, Northern Exposure and Renaissance, and of course, his famous partnership with Sasha.

His moniker, Bedrock, is another source of success. And more still, Bedrock has triple meaning: a thriving record label that's been going for over 12 years, a promotions company; and a studio production partnership with Nick Muir. The duo has landed two tracks in the UK's top 40 - one made its way onto the Trainspotting soundtrack.

Digweed's multi-talented - he's an actor, scored a Hollywood movie (Stark Raving Mad) as well as the animated Spiderman, toured the US with David Bowie and Moby and has retained his Transitions radio show, which has been going strong for over a decade and broadcast to over 30 countries the world over.

But what makes Digweed a particular standout is his demonstrated gift for adopting tracks with a completely new and different style. Although loathe to call himself a superstar, in terms of what's he's achieved, that's exactly what he is.

Digweed is that rarity: consistently good at producing quality tracks regardless of whatever fad is engulfing electronic music.