smalltown Weekender with DJ Koze - Part 2

smalltown Weekender with DJ Koze - Part 2

11th January 2014

Brown Alley

Bordello Dies Solis


She is hard labour

unravelling to the decree of rest

a pretty resurrection of a golden age

blasé Friday will pluck

your elastic heartstrings into

impulses like two heads colliding

their upside down mouths frothing

Saturday is everywhere

the opportunist, white teeth

fantastic naked with talons as toenails

she will give you your bread

and taketh away

 from her you will wake

somewhere dickless or docking

white lies telling white tails

keeping you up to keep up

on the sun’s day

she will find you hazy and wasteful

with nostalgia, unstable underneath

the bedcovers looking for something

you haven’t lost

 you charter her time

resentful trapped in honey

uninvited by Monday

you show up all the same.


smalltown est. 2011





Gee, don’t mind something special for Xmas do we? A little extra in your stocking, a bit of money from nan, expensive pity presents from divorced parents, a week long hangover from eating all the crackling. There is a lot to look forward to but we have just made your life worth more than the all the Jerry’s in the world combined.

So what’s the big deal? It’s definitely not Dan’s new haircut. It must be the Friday all-nighter with Soul Clap & Wolf + Lamb and Saturday’s date night with DJ Koze (just enough club dust to keep you slimy for the week). It’s your typical sideshows with nothing typical about it. Two shows coinciding too soon after New Years, gift wrapped in one weekend. You can rekindle those fresh serotonin memories from Let Them Eat Cake or pretend you were there if you missed out on a ticket. Pree-tend?

It is quite likely Novel is going to take you through to Rainbow Serpent. 


We have had a one-German mind leading up to summer. Your news feed has been littered with cyber high-fives and ‘Summer 2014 hits DJ Koze 4 evaaa peace out’ dialogue in Brush Script font but we have no regrets.

‘Amygdala’ is a feast for the ears and we have been excited for LTEC since the album release in March. It’s been dutifully rewarded the No.2 position by RA staffers in the 2013 poll and goddamn it makes us happy.

Stefan Kozalla is best known as being exuberant and the DJ voted most likely to be your friend. He was a part of the Hamburg hip-hop scene with Fischmob in the 90s before releasing electronic music with Kompakt and his own label Pampa (with Marcus Fink) after.

A remixer in light years of his own, Kosi has the ability to produce techno that has you looking through a kaleidoscope. The beats are dirty but have the colours of glistening stained glass.

Stefan Kozalla aka DJ Koze lives and works in Hamburg as a club DJ, musician (International PONY, Adolf Noise) and remixer for Chicks On Speed, Bob Sinclar, Justus Koehncke and more of the finest German bands and projects and successful producer and KOMPAKT recording artist.

Within only a few years, DJ Koze has slowly worked his way up through the German Hip-Hop scene. With his band Fischmob, he has released several successful records, steadily building up a strong fan base of young left-oriented

Although DJ Koze has had a taste of pop success with Fischmob, he’s always been equally interested in experimenting with other forms of electronic music from ambient to break beats to wild sound collages from a myriad of musical genres.

As a live DJ, Koze builds his sets on house and disco tracks and uses his well-honed Hip Hop skills blending it all together in a furious mix, making it seem that the term “ House Rocking“ was coined with him in mind.

The readers of Germany’s trend-setting SPEX magazine voted DJ Koze the DJ Of The Year between 1999 - 2004 - a well earned title, playing numerous shows all over the country and in different parts of the world. He was also one of the nominees as best German DJ at 2003´s German Dance Awards. Please take a look at his discography and check out his massive releases for Kompakt, Cologne´s finest in terms of smashing, heartwarming, minimal house. Amongst them a very deep dj mix called: “All People Is My Friend”.