7.12 fabric XX with Craig Richards & Mathew Jonson (Live)

7.12 fabric XX with Craig Richards & Mathew Jonson (Live)

7th December 2019

The Paddock, Federation Square

7.12 fabric XX with Craig Richards & Mathew Jonson (Live)
The Paddock, Federation Square
Sat 7th Dec

12PM - 10PM


Lineup ––

Craig Richards
Mathew Jonson (Live)
Oliver Huntemann
Archie Hamilton
Kornél Kovács

For 20 years, fabric has played an integral role in shaping not just the UK club landscape, but also clubbing culture globally. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, they bring their XX tour to Melbourne for their first Australian outing, inviting a clutch of ambassadors who have made a significant impact on the club’s enduring impact and legacy.

Widely regarded as the face of the London institution, Craig Richards has been instrumental in shaping the club’s musical identity. Over the last 20 years he’s become one of the world’s most versatile DJs, honing a rich sound that takes in dub techno, deep house, glitchy electro, stripped-back minimal left-field disco, and more. An artist in the truest sense, outside of DJing his other creative endeavours include his killer studio productions, running the excellent The Nothing Special label, and curating the much-loved Houghton Festival. Mathew Jonson also performs live. The Canadian artist’s melodic anthems embody a truly singular approach to techno, a sound he’s long showcased in his destructive live sets at fabric. One of the London club’s freshest residents, Bobby.

Joining the fabric star-studded lineup is Oliver Huntemann, Archie Hamilton and Kornél Kovács.

Support: GABRI-L & Marlie

This event is strictly 18+

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land this event is taking place upon, and we pay our respects to their elders of past, present and future.

Craig Richards

Record collector, label owner, producer, curator, visual artist, and one of the world’s most versatile DJs: Craig Richards has been involved in many creative pursuits throughout our 20-year history. As one of our prized founding residents, he’s played over 700 Saturday nights since we opened our doors in 1999. His highly individual late night sound crosses mind-bending techno and electro, dubby house, wiggly breaks, leftfield disco, and classic UK rave. His residency is one of the most significant in dance music history. But for all of these accolades he remains a resolutely unassuming character, utterly committed to playing music with belief. He represents everything we stand for.

Mathew Jonson

Mathew Jonson really is one of a kind. He's developed one of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance music: when you hear one of Jonson's tracks, you almost immediately know it's his. And yet there's no mistaking any given track for another. His music offers a rare fusion of populist intensities and nuanced musicality. With a keen understanding for the needs of the dance floor and the universal laws of house and techno, he's thrown out the rule book time and time again, sneaking tricks learned from electro and even drum'n'bass into the clubs, and loading up his B- sides with tracks that do what they damned well please. (No kick drum? No problem.)