Friends of Friends with Andrés

Friends of Friends with Andrés

25th September 2015


Andrés, aka DJ Dez, born Andres Hernandez initially hailed from the California dance scene, yet has established himself as a poignant and influential member of the Detroit sphere. Throughout the years, Andrés has gained considerable recognition, with merits including admission into the Slum Village crew and the release of a number of singles via Moodymann’s label - Mahogani Music.

While Andrés’ demand remained consistently high throughout the 90s and early 2000s, he remains a frontrunner within both the hip hop and Detroit House scene, an example being his recent collaboration with his fellow peer DJ Butter to deliver APiece of the Action in 2014.

Throughout his extensive and varied musical career, Andrés/DJ Dez has proved himself to be a talented and devout musician, often grouped with Theo Parrish-esque company. Andrés recalls the process of assembling a track, “I know a track is finished when I feel it’s got just enough ingredients to make the perfect full course meal, so to speak.”He is a undoubtedly a wildly talented artist, possessing a winning combination of undeniable passion and decades of experience.

The Detroit/hip-hop veteran will be visiting Australia again this year, following a successfully acclaimed AU tour last year.