Friends of Friends pres. CASSY & MARIO BASANOV

Friends of Friends pres. CASSY & MARIO BASANOV

23rd February 2014

Presenting Friends of Friends – By Novel & U Genius

Novel & U Genius return for summer 2014 with Friends Of Friends, kicking off with Cassy and Mario Basanov, Sun 23rd Feb at a brand new water side location never before used. 

Cassy Britton has meticulously fashioned her craft over the last decade, approaching her productions and DJ sets with an attention to detail and passion that is hard to surpass. Her dedication to music, twinned with her gift for reading the crowd has meant that her profile has grown to worldwide recognition amongst fans and within the industry.

Mario Basanov has risen to the forefront of electronic music over recent years, delivering a host stunning remixes and productions along the way.
His debut solo long player ‘Journey’ released last year on London’s Needwant was a breakout success and displayed a style that is both elegant and yet enigmatic, winning him thousands of fans across the dance music spectrum. Together with a host of top class productions, sterling remixes and talked about DJ sets; you have an electronic artist currently making serious waves across the globe.  

Friends Of Friends will also be hosting monthly events starting in January, which will feature including Huxley, Daniel Bortz, Marcus Worgull. Detroit Swindle and more. 

As the sun begins to warm, gins will be gulped and dancing will be deeper. Indulgent rays and soft sways. Be hypnotized by the blue skies as the magnetic rhythms play. 

Novel & U Genius - Two of Melbourne’s top purveyors of house and techno music; always in search of new and dynamic sounds.