Friends of Friends

Friends of Friends

2nd December 2012

Tonic House Rooftop

Friends Of Friends presents Wolf + Lamb for their Melbourne exclusive debut performance on Melbourne finest rooftop venue. Tonic House Rooftop.

Tickets on sale Mon 12th Nov. Limited to 250.

Wolf + Lamb (Wolf + Lamb Records – US)

Some wild extremes make up the whole that is Wolf + Lamb. Extrovert and introvert, vegan and carnivore, cancer survivor and social saboteur – you’d expect no partnership like this could last for long. But for over a decade, these differences have only sparked the seismic energies that Zev and Gadi bring to dance music. They’ve never cared much for current convention – for being “fast enough”, “hard enough”, or “cool enough” to win favor with the party culture hype machine. They play passionate music that moves hearts, and not just feet. From their subterranean throwdowns in their Brooklyn corner known as the Marcy Hotel, to the 2005 founding and continued expansion of their family of labels, amid the warm winters and electric environs of Miami – it’s always been about the two of them enjoying life, learning to live with each other, and making friends and fans that become part of the family.

And of course, they think the game is best when it’s not taken too seriously – a bit of foolishness, on the sly, colors everything about Wolf + Lamb. House music maestros and hip-hop horticulturalists; desert communitarians and urban nomads; savvy entrepreneurs and autonomous anarchic creators, Gadi and Zev shift seamlessly between these roles. As music makers, the two draw as much inspiration from their label cohorts as they do from each other, which makes for a definitive dose of the Wolf + Lamb aesthetic in their upcoming album, to be released in summer of 2012. 

From Zev’s savvy design and production, to Gadi’s talent for sniffing out path breaking artists to bring into the fold, there’s a knack they have for making it all hold together. And that means Wolf + Lamb is a home to the artists that thrive on its mantra: Deniz Kurtel, Nicolas Jaar, No Regular Play, Soul Clap, Voices of Black, Tanner Ross, Slow Hands, and more. For Gadi and Zev, nothing could be better than being in this bustling world among these friends, orchestrating the sounds and sights of the moment, and always looking forward to what’s yet to come.

Friends of Friends encapsulates and celebrates everything unique about Melbourne's vibrant summer city life: cleverly hidden venues waiting to be discovered around every corner, glorious summer afternoons begging to be enjoyed and diverse cultures mixing together to create one unique beat.

Friends of Friends embrace Melbourne's adventurous spirit by capturing all of these elements in a series of first class events to be held over the coming summer months. From December to March Friends of Friends will take clubbing from the usual venues to two fresh and unique locations: a chic city rooftop & a sprawling warehouse in the heart of the CBD. 

Imagine yourself on a rooftop on a glorious sun filled day with 300 like minded souls, sipping cocktails and dancing to the coolest and most cutting edge House music. The tunes are being delivered through a crisp Function One sound system and the vibe is sublime. Indeed, the rooftop is awe inspiring
and will invoke some of that incredible party spirit that's reminiscent of grand cities like New York and Berlin, but uniquely Melbourne at the same time.

While the rooftop toasts Melbourne's cosmopolitan flavour, the warehouse will celebrate Melbourne's golden age of rave. Set deep in the heart of the CBD this uber cool location will bring you closer to the city (and the music) than ever before. Together we will pay homage to an era long forgotten in a venue that will employ only the best sound and production
values for one unforgettable experience.

This summer be prepared to meet your new best friend. Be prepared to taste your new favourite drink. Be prepared to discover your new favourite venue. Most of all, this summer, be prepared to take your love for this city to the next level.

Presented by Ugenius & Novel.


Wolf und Lamm