Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

1st January 2019

Werribee Park Mansion Grounds

Let Them Eat Cake returns to the Werribee Park Mansion Grounds New Years Day 2019

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Ama Lou
Bicep (Live)
Chaos In The CBD
DJ Boring
DJ Tennis
Esther Silex
Flava D
Joe Kay
Kahn and Neek
Motor City Drum Ensemble
Nightmares on Wax (DJ set)
Peggy Gou

Don't Think
Eat The Beat DJs
Jess Zammit
Kodiak Kid
Love Deluxe (DJ Set)
Pounce DJs
Salvador Darling
Stefan Mac
The Listening Co.

“Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.” - Carl Jung

Turning seven is not to be taken lightly! And we at Cake believe if you're going to throw yourself a birthday party, do it right.

Well established now in a class of its own, with offerings that far outweigh the short journey to the mansion, our maturing baby looks cultivated, urbane and elegantly refined.

Featuring art, cocktails, teahouses, gourmet seasonal food and drink, and a richly boutique feel. Cake is about starting your year celebrating the rite of enjoyment, the indulgence of life’s pleasures and an epicurean appreciation of why we were put on this earth.

Hedonism you say? Building all that beauty for only one day?

Indeed it is well-manicured hedonism with a quietly spiritual bent. Like the Buddhist Mandala, so much effort just to be blown away when completed, start your year embracing a Dionysian appreciation of all life has on offer.

Remember there’s more to discover than meets the eye, or just lock into your favourite stage for a truly exceptionally curated lineup. And please always respect the venue, our staff, each other and most importantly yourself.

Carefully placed in front of the mansion and swathed in the beauty of its grounds this party is without peer.

Join us and see.

W: www.letthemeatcakenyd.com.au
FB: Let Them Eat Cake
IG: @letthemeatcakenyd