Novel 5 Years 3/3 with Ben UFO

Novel 5 Years 3/3 with Ben UFO

8th December 2016


5 years ago Novel opened it’s doors for business - and we are very humbled and proud to say that we are still here. We certainly would not have made it this far without your loyal patronage, so to say thanks to everyone we would like to celebrate the past 5 years with a series of free events and all you need to do is sign up below to take advantage of the free entry…


As one of the co-founders of Hessle Audio, Ben UFO has been responsible,for some of the most varied and ground breaking releases of recent years. Having become immersed in the still emerging dubstep scenes in London and Leeds in 2005, his musical taste was shaped primarily by the DMZ and Sub Dub nights taking place in those cities. However, as tastes have shifted and scenes have fragmented, Ben UFO's approach to the music and to Hessle Audio itself has developed. As BPMs have dropped and influences have broadened, so too has the vision of Ben UFO's DJing. He remains one of the few DJs in the UK to have made an impact without a production career to fall back on, and as such his reputation is solely the result of his skill as a selector and as a mixer.

Free with RSVP
$10 on the door with all proceeds going to World Vision Australia