Novel Annual Ball - Secret International Guest

Novel Annual Ball - Secret International Guest

7th August 2015

Brown Alley

Don’t fret the winter sweat and come find some solace with us. It’s time to assemble the team and put on your Sunday Best (or your Friday Best…) for our annual ball.
Oh My God we just remembered this is a free event  – that is, it’s free for the first 500 eager and able bodies to book their tickets online. Once this allocation is exhausted tickets will be available for purchase on the door. This is for you dear sir / madam as we pay homage to you for your support though what has been a year to celebrate!

Filled with memories of dance, music and friends, we will mark and remember that time we took time off work due to the good time we had that one time. Yes, it’s time.
Novel will be your master of ceremonies and our special guest will be a selector of note. He (or she) likes to play tunes in a way that make dance floors happy. And she (or he) will fly in from across the ocean for this special treat. Oh my… it’s a surprise.

So don’t fear. You are in good hands. Get in quick if you want to be part of the free 500.