Novel X Thump presents Kele Live (Trick EP Tour)

Novel X Thump presents Kele Live (Trick EP Tour)

18th March 2015

The Corner Hotel

Kele Okereke is a DJ/Producer and lead singer of award-winning band Bloc Party, one of the UKs finest bands of recent years. At the end of 2013 Kele embarked on a new phase of his career, taking all his influences and experiences to shake up peoples expectations of him as a songwriter, performer and producer. Releasing on pivotal UK dance label Crosstown Rebels and Berlin’s Studio !K7 - home to DJ Kicks and Tapes mix series- and DJ appearances across the world, there is a clearly more to be seen from this highly talented individual. ‘Most people know me as the singer in a bloc party, but anyone that knows our music knows that we have always been very honest about our love of dance music.’

In late 2013 Kele Okereke made his move, by selecting and mixing the latest instalment of !K7 Tapes series, seeing Bloc Party join previous artists The Rapture, The Big Pink and Foals. Both the mix and Kele’s own Remix of ‘Obscene,’ the exclusive track from the album, were critically lauded by international press and radio. With Dj dates across Europe and Australia Okereke’s introduction to the DJ world was solidified. Crosstown was hot on the heels and introduced Kele Okereke as a Producer with the 4 track ‘Heartbreaker’ EP only months after. The EP featured 4 original tracks and one remix from of the title track from Recondite. With distinct UK Garage influences on ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘God Has A Way’ featuring old school house chord stabs and driving rhythm and ‘Get Up’ being a a sparser, deeper atmosphere with Kele himself on vocals the EP showed dynamic and confidence.
April 2014 saw the release of ‘Candy Flip’ Kele Okereke’s 2nd EP on Crosstown and proving that he’s a dancer at heart and a truly versatile beat maker. The Title Track this time featuring Kele’s Vocals built around an infectious groove with ‘The New Feel’ and it’s dark bass, bouncing groove, haunting chords, and filtered vox providing an Anthemic feel. Belgium hotties FCL provide remix duties for ‘Candy Flip’ turning in a classic

and uplifting dimension with EP closer ‘Come To Me’ a humble master class in raw, bass heavy grooves with a modern touch and fresh vocals from Jenny Bastet.
From Bloc Party’s Platinum-selling debut album to Okereke’s guest vocals for The Chemical Brothers, Hercules and the Love Affair, and Sub Focus and having spent ten years making records in studios working with some of the greatest producers in the world, Kele Okereke’s confident his direction comes from the heart ‘its been an inspiration from our first record 'silent alarm' 2005 through to my solo record 'the boxer' 2010. I have always loved the inclusive and spiritual nature of house music so the opportunity to make music for the most iconic and influential house music label in the UK is a dream come true for me.’ Kele’s keen to stress that embracing dance music after years of playing in a bands was an organic growth as a performer, which he views as ‘an art form. It’s been quite eye-opening, seeing how you can manipulate a crowd by tweaking a mixer. It’s exciting seeing how the similarities of seemingly disparate worlds come together.” Expect more from Kele Okereke in the next years with releases for Crosstown already pencilled for Summer 2014 and beyond...