Novel x Other People Pres. Oliver Huntemann (3hrs)

Novel x Other People Pres. Oliver Huntemann (3hrs)

10th August 2018

Brown Alley


Local support: Mike Callander, Paul Lynch, Traj, Monty McGaw, Walter Juan, SENDA, Edgework and Rev Lon

We’re thrilled to announce local favourite Oliver Huntemann is making his return to Melbourne for a 3 hour set. His driving techno has been drummed into the ears of Melbournians for well over a decade, and come August, it will be drummed in yet again.

Huntemann’s concrete roots can be traced back to early techno, and, like so many of his colleagues, his route to techno took a tour through electro and rave. Today the techno veteran is more relevant than ever, and his new label, Senso Sounds, has opened him up to whole new generation of electronic music lovers.

Much of his most recent work is just as prolific as his old, his 2017 album features numerous face-melters, especially the dancefloor weapon ‘Rotlicht’, which has reached over 4.4 million YouTube plays. If his past shows have been anything to go by (Brown Alley, Let Them Eat Cake 2017), it goes without saying… you do not want to miss this set.