Novel x The Liberty Social pres. Jus Ed

Novel x The Liberty Social pres. Jus Ed

31st August 2013

The Liberty Social


On Saturday 31st August Novel will be welcoming the legendary Jus-Ed, veteran deep tech DJ, producer and head of the Underground Quality label, for a very special appearance at Melbourne's bat-cave, Liberty Social. 

Definitely one of the proto-typical vinyl pusher's due to his clear obsession with the storied art of music, Ed chooses to play record's, press record's, and sell record's. His passion has always been noted by his peers and despite his bouts with drugs and alcoholism that hindered his original rise in the '80's club ranks, his Mickey Rourke like renaissance in the last ten years is built on his pure love of music in general. As a label boss, he has blessed club goers ear's releasing the music of esteemed producers in Steffi, Move D, Levon Vincent, Fred P and Nina Kraviz; Edward could you be anymore on point you sick f@#$!?

Of note, this journeyman's first gigs excluded two turntables and a mixer as he simply would slide 45's onto 33 and merely select tracks; a true promise of hope for the Melbourne promoter who just discovered techno in the last 10 months.

Playing out the back in a decrepit old coolroom (which would have been installed at an extremely high price point by some spiffy restauranter twenty odd years before slobs like Calambaris were, celebrity) will be the party moniker of JusT Edd; It's Roof to Reel's head honcho Ed Fischer and friends jamming it out all evening. You see what we did there? Yep. 

The legendary Jus-Ed, not to be missed!!!

Saturday 31st August, tickets available now. Doors 22:00 till late.