smalltown presents ANNUAL RAVE BALL

smalltown presents ANNUAL RAVE BALL

2nd August 2013

Brown Alley

smalltown presents


The President of Novel Tours and Events requests the pleasure of your company, to cut a rug with an international guest, on Friday 2nd August, after dark. 

An answer is requested. This event is a free event. 



We are turning three! After surviving the hasty exit from the birth canal, smalltown has become a smarter, more demanding — probably ill-mannered and self-centred — little event.

But before we get out the cream of tartar to make some sweet-smelling, glitter play-dough, let’s talk about what we have learned this year and the improvements we want to make. 

The Novelcast have surpassed the elementary bartering with toy cars, are losing their baby fat and can count to five perfectly in most foreign languages (unlike some other infants).

Daniel is well rested and fed most days; so to avoid the likely temper tantrums. He is almost able to wait till dinnertime and if he can’t, a cracker is a sufficient dealmaker. Dominic has learned to draw a circle and can cut paper into halves. He does however, still try and barter with toy cars.

Monty is still stumbling and falling over — but with great enthusiasm. If he can hang in there, we expect greatness at 3½.

Johnny can put on his own shorts and cries if anyone attempts to help him. Jessica still only imitates most speech sounds and can become extremely frustrated when she is not understood. 

We keep three lollipops on hand for unpleasant surprises. 

It is only a matter of time before we will be able to name more than four colours and start telling tall tales.

See you, me and Julio, down by the schoolyard!


**** The show is free for pre registers only. Limited to 500 people only. Register for your free ticket (limited to 2 per person) while they last. There will be a marginal door fee for those who miss out on pre registration ****