smalltown presents Ellen Allien

smalltown presents Ellen Allien

12th April 2013

Brown Alley



smalltown presents, Ellen Allien, Move D, Jimpster & Barem - Friday 12th April at Brown Alley

The island you seldom speak of has a deep cinder cone.

We watched it sink in a single day and night.

King Atlas was only fourteen when,

Cleito taught you your first drawback.

Where a rotten plum hit you between the eyes.

Now it lies beneath tide,

As little heads roll to and fro,

To and fro,

Clinking on the ocean bed.

smalltown Est. 2011


Post summer, Saturday’s risk the possibility of an anti-climax. Best friends are planning their European summer affair and can’t come out because they are saving cash, the ones that do join you complain of being cold (put on jacket you twit) and keep reminding you they can’t have ‘a big one’. Even cigarettes just don’t seem to be keeping you warm (??). Lucky, we have a Friday night with four names worth double all your shitty friends put together!


Ellen Allien, the understated ‘it’ girl of Berlin (thank-god no one has ever really called her that publically), is best known for being, well, authentic. With a childhood most electronic heads envy, this citykid graced the Berlin electronic scene back in the wonder years. If you aren’t up to date with her latest feats, we aren’t going to fill you in. A gay saint has told us she doesn’t mind an Espresso Martini and is an excellent replacement for a dance partner if you go out alone


Do you know how to make a constellation in-a-can? You need a black 35mm film canister, scissors, masking tape, pushpins and constellation patterns printed on paper. First take the tape and cover the bottom of the canister completely. Choose a constellation pattern and place it over the taped bottom. Using your pushpins, make a puncture through the paper and canister for every star on the pattern. Make sure you get every star! Once finished, take away the paper and hold the canister to the sky, looking through the open end. Slowly turn the canister and observe. These pocket-sized telescopes are perfect to explore the psychedelic landscape with Move D. The self-employed intergalactic traveller is returning to Australia to saturate you with his ambient vibrating atoms. We will be wearing our walkie-talkies on our belt loops for this one.


Porch light and rocking chairs go together like Fred and Ginger. Fred and Ginger do each other under porch light on rocking chairs.

Jamie Odell’s highly anticipated LP will be released in May by his label, Freerange. Named in honour of the warm bosom that cradled Jimpster’s hangovers and creative impulses; Porchlight & Rockingchairs is intended as the soulful companion to mankind’s common comedown. To celebrate this release, Jimpster will be giving away free hugs, after his famous deep house session ruins your serotonin stock levels.

Barem is our Buenos Aires connection and a member of Richie Hawtin’s Minus family. In light of the passionate minimal producer as our guest, we will keep his write up stripped back, with warm Latin infusions and powerful bass lines. 

Mauricio Barembuem

Mauricio Barembuem

Mauricio Barembuem

Barembuem, Barembuem, Barembuem, Barem, Barem Barem …