smalltown with Chris Liebing

smalltown with Chris Liebing

9th June 2013

Brown Alley

smalltown with Chris Liebing + Jimmy Edgar + special guest.

Elizabeth Windsor of Long Beach had a life-long affair with schnitzel,

Devil’s eggs, homemade canned fig preserves and buttermilk served with cornbread.

She excelled at growing camellias, fibbing about her age,

And refusing to blow her nose when it was needed.

She thoroughly enjoyed a Seabreeze with a one milligram valium on Sundays.

That’s when Phil could have his way with her.

And she would pretend not to remember.

This was of course until, a 75-foot Taco Bell sign crushed Elizabeth on 20th March 2013.

Lest not regret who she beget.


Elizabeth Windsor

smalltown Est. 2011

Queen’s birthday weekender — it’s not even her real birthday.


We all make choices. It is fundamentally who we are. Mr Chris Liebing is a person dedicated to his decisions. In 1993, Chris bought his first electronic vinyl and opened the venue, Spinclub, one year later. Twenty years ago, I bought a pair of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ high-tops from Kmart, wore them out in two months and cried. You can see where I am going with this. Following the closure of Spinclub, a lifetime disciplined in the world of techno music ensued. Various roles in radio determined a personality popular amongst listeners and music peers. The beginning and ending of Chris’s first label, Audio, bore bigger and brighter things (Soap, Spinclub and CLR). We haven’t even talked about his residencies yet! A couple of years ago, Chris decided to compete as a contestant on Shlag Den Raab. He didn’t win, but that’s okay — we respect his decision for trying. At the bottom of his techno resume, under the heading ‘Skills’, Chris has scribed in fine print, ‘has the ability to conquer jetlag through martial arts and macrobiotics.’

It did lead us to googling the symptoms of Superheroism and we will be trying to snap his glitter unitard under his t-shirt this weekend.

If you look into Jimmy Edgar’s eyes, you will see your own reflection looking back at you. When you listen to any of his interviews, it feels like he knows you are looking at him (?) This has nothing to do with hypnotism. Jimmy channels the energies and wisdom from creative heroes of yore. And he does it with a self-awareness that only incites our curiosity. His Detroit, sexed-up electro funk is best heard in the dark; preferably in front of a visual installation he has created himself. Recently a new addition to Scuba’s boundless Hotflush label, we’re excited to see and hear the next installment, due out now (March). Bring your leatherjackets and dragon’s blood, it is time to hustle harder.

Special Guest

No guarantees it won’t be a one-man band.