smalltown with Derrick May

smalltown with Derrick May

24th April 2012

New Guernica



Detroit Techno legend and electronic music pioneer - get ready for highly INTIMATE NIGHT with the official ambassador of techno music - the one and only DERRICK MAY. Strict limited capacity more than 300 tickets to experience DERRICK MAY for five hours...
Tickets on sale Monday 20th Feb.

Mayday, mayday: Talk about a true legend of electronic music and the name DERRICK MAY is indisputably mentioned, and for very good reason. 

MAY's narrative is wedged into electronic music folklore, no less than 25 years ago, in the heart of techno land, Detroit - Michigan, USA. His influence continues to resonate across the globe and maintains his position as one of the most in demand DJ/producers.

On the other side of the globe in Australia's music mecca, Melbourne bred smalltown quickly gains similar esteem. With 4 unforgettable and distinctive events already under its belt, smalltown has set the clubbing standard to the highest caliber. With the bar set so high, the architects behind the brand have set out to create yet again another memorable and distinct night for dance music devotees. 

The 5th installation of smalltown, crafts the coziest clubbing experience possible with the legendary DERRICK MAY this Anzac Day Eve, 24th April 2012. Having only toured in larger venues in recent years, now his fans can enjoy getting up close and personal with DERRICK MAY by purchasing 1 of the only 300 available tickets to this exclusive event from the good folk at Novel. To add to the buzz, the smalltown posse will reveal the venue one week before the show!

The story goes that in the mid '80s, May - also known as Rhythim is Rhythim, joined forces with Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins (who became known as the Belleville Three) to fashion a completely new genre of music that, today, we all take for granted.

May is credited with shaping and steering house music's future. The Belleville Three tested the limits of electronic music and changed it forever. Call May a visionary - the music now commonly known as 'techno', is May's invention. 

May's ability to connect what is in his head with the feelings of what is on the dance floor is known the world over - his dedication to perfection is celebrated. 

His production and solo recording exploits may have halted over the past decade but his legacy has rolled on throughout the years, thanks to numerous remixes, re-works and collaborations with some of the most experimental musicians going, including Depeche Mode and ABC. 

What makes a Derrick May DJ set so uniquely exceptional is his ability to intermingle genres, taking records of years past and making them work in today's crowded musical sphere. Take Icon, a May masterpiece, where the strings sound just as powerful and prevalent today as they did years ago. 

The 'classic' Derrick May noise is a finite balance between percussion-laded cascades of sound complemented with samples and melody. If you want to know what makes Derrick May special, listen to any of his mixes to discover how he inspires people to love techno for what it is - not the sub-culture, the drugs or the mystique, it's all about the music. 

May has performed around the globe for over two decades and honed his Transmat techno label into one of the most respected outputs in the world. A pioneer of techno, May produces Hi-Tek Soul or "George Clinton meeting Kraftwerk in an elevator." May makes techno poetry - hear him live and expect a night of unrefined emotion delivered with passion