smalltown with Henrik Schwarz, Pan-Pot & Danny Daze

smalltown with Henrik Schwarz, Pan-Pot & Danny Daze

24th January 2014

Brown Alley

There is no more noise hanging in the spaces.

Just the dropping of hearts, as we retrace your paces.

For the rest of us, time ticks into a catalyst,

Growing old, growing older, stopping to look over our shoulder.

Winding down, we wind to tin. But hold onto your speckled edges,

Living our lives transparent in 

Honour of yours, what is left and becomes of the boy, whose skin we pressed.

The boy with the hole in his head.

smalltown . Est 2011




The technological lion-heart, Herr Henrik Schwarz, will be taking us through to Australia Day in 2014. Following a twilight summer schedule of collaborative performances and a symphony orchestral tour in Europe, Herr Schwarz will be cooling his jets in our city, just as we begin to get sweaty. Henriks musicology is a testament to the decade he has spent exploring the faucets of music and live production. His remixes are known to mosaic the original, which is probably why he was asked to design an Ableton production tool and name it the Schwarzonator.  His live sets at Berghain will take you deep into the rabbit hole yet a quick listen to his recent London Grammar remix will bring you back to a kind of heavenly reality. He has our permission to do whatever he wants with us at smalltown.

From South Beach and bringing the heat, Danny Daze is all of our dirty house Miami dreams coming true. The self-confessed rave-kid slash tennis-player had a childhood interviewers love to ask about — think puma tracksuits, bboy Fridays and Miami Bass (squeal).  Working hard for the last twelve years has seen it pay off over the last two. The release of Your Everything on Hot Creations in 2011 went gangbusters and Danny moved to Barcelona to keep the peace with touring pressure. A slave to his night job, Danny Gomez works hard to keep the dream alive, whilst maintaining his Cuban accent amongst the Catalonians welcome to MiamiBuenvenidos a Miami

Fantasia, the film by Disney, is one of the greatest musicals ever made. Not only as pioneer for stereophonic sound but also because of the myriad of mystical cartoon creatures you secretly wished you were instead of the 6-year-old human at the time. It is also the movie that saw the invention of the Panoramic Potentiometer by Disneys sound department. Also known as the Pan-Pot, it is a device with one input and two outputs and varies the signal level reaching each output. If that doesnt make sense, the artists with the same name call it a simple, workday knob, given to side-to-side flip-flopping and not much else. Natürlich. Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix are the men behind the name and the artists behind the tech house. If you are after consistent, minimal Techno, these guys bring all the German precision you need.

Bouncing in the club where the heat is on/All night on the beach till the break of dawn 


smalltown presents:

Henrik Schwarz


Danny Daze

Brown Alley, January 24th  2014




Henrik Schwarz

Hailing from the southern part of Germany, Bodensee, Henrik Schwarz is a long time veteran in the German deep house scene. Djing was his first love, having built a reputation at major events in the early nineties. But a desire to breach musical and technological boundaries pushed Henrik into production and soon his live laptop sessions were born. Today he takes his live sets and nine years of production experience to crowds worldwide. His twelve’s are gaining massive support from the likes of Jazzanova, Gilles Peterson and Sonar Kollectiv.




Since their inception in 2005, Pan-Pot have become a dominant presence in modern techno, an ascent mirrored in the rise of their home label mobilee records to the top tier of electronic music. Tagging themselves as “the dark side of the force,” Pan-Pot have melted minds, warped perceptions and reinvigorated the dancefloor with their heady, unorthodox sound; within their work, subtle pitch manipulations square off with wall-of-sound distortion, the dark stomp of 4/4 is tamed by intricate sound design, and minimalistic frameworks duel with throbbing bass lines, epic builds, and murky, off-kilter melodies.

The defining moment of Pan-Pot’s career came in 2007 with the release of their debut artist album, Pan-O-Rama. The aptly named long-player offered a 360-degree view of techno at its most twisted, balancing somber atmospherics with a lightness of touch, and spawning the overground hit “Charly”. More recently “Confronted” and “Captain My Captain” have demonstrated their classic, strong and timely production style, presenting them as the most consistent purveyors of techno around.


Danny Daze

Danny Daze is Daniel Gomez, a studio nerd and Dj with a taste for Techno. Djing at raves at the age of 13 is how his obsession with this sound was rooted. Raised in Miami, Fl. Daze is influenced by his Cuban culture, thus giving him the latin influence heard in some of his music and Dj sets. With other influences by Giorgio Moroder and Anthony Rother, Daze’s Dj sets are deeply commanded by Detroit Techno and Italo Disco.

“Señor Stereo”, a collaboration between Daze/Gigamesh/Joe Maz was born in 2009 with releases on Ministry of Sound, Kitsune & their first EP titled “Unintentional Ep” on Slow Roast Records. This sound is heavily constructed by arpeggiated disco bass lines and Vangelis influenced synths.

With releases coming out by the minute. Danny Daze is proud to say “real djs don’t have a tan”.