smalltown with Nina Kraviz

smalltown with Nina Kraviz

3rd May 2013

Brown Alley



Our heart thickens and fills itself,

threads of purple gum, and our lungs 

drain themselves and become astray.

We listen, to let Alpha and Beta rush in,

so Theta and Delta can pull away again.

Our skin glows warm, tendrils of muscle

flop like spaghetti as our herz and pulse drops.

We become slow and heavy like the dream,

where you can’t run back or forward. 

We are sucked into a molasses sinkhole. 

Gasping, the mind scatters into corners,

the blood vessels in our eyes swell and burst.

Our tongues will lag, heavy with coins. 

Ah, the little death.


smalltown Est. 2011


Disclaimer alert!

Certain venues require new sub systems and certain darlings require an intimate 500 person show. Due to the foreseen combination of events, our May 3rd event will be running like a private party that gets you warm and fuzzy with new vibrations, upstairs in Blights Bar. If you miss out, no one you know can get you in. 





There is something incredibly sexy about a woman doing a "man’s" job, especially when the said woman is in leather and kitten heels.

No, this isn’t another public gush over Nina Kraviz— but we are going to talk about what we like.  

The last two years have been blessed for the Russian; giving her a sharp ride into the electronic high heavens other DJs and artists enjoy only after years of building a name. This success has also caused a furor in the comments of video platforms, where angry warlords have typed their disgust at the ‘dick conspiracy’. You see, no one likes the pretty girl making something of herself outside the school yard. That pokey boy with the braces who sat behind you in grade five? He can still feel those braces tighten against his gums when he punishes the keyboard with amassed sexual frustration. 

Nina’s preference for imperfection compliments her innocent navigation of electronic music. She is unabashed to tell you what she is learning and what she doesn’t like with a charming candidness. She likes to dance while she performs and is clearly very comfortable as she does so. Often in interviews, Nina’s humble and intelligent answers distract from the natural beauty that is undoubtedly, a distraction for some people. She also cites her father as a mentor. Nina can’t be pigeon holed.

Last year saw the release of her self-titled LP by Rekids. European girls played it on repeat and earnest, young boys (promoters) waited in droves to book her in. 

On May 3rd, we will be making paper aeroplanes and flying them over the decks, hoping to get a Russian spy kiss. 




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