smalltown with Omar S

smalltown with Omar S

31st May 2013

The Liberty Social




I Don’t Like Holidays 

The only things I get excited by are lips and acid

The only lips and acid are things I get excited by

I get the only acid things and are excited by lips

By only lips and acid I get excited are the things

Acid are lips and I get excited by the only things

I get by lips and acid are the only things

Are things only acid the excited tits and I get by

Lips are the only things and excited get by acid and I

Only I get things and lips are excited by the acid

And are only I excited by things the lips and acid

Excited and things are by lips and the acid I get


smalltown Est 2011





There are differences between the generations that can be summed up by various technological achievements and the dependence of society that ensues. Heck, some of the younger alphabet letters are wildly described as having ‘better communication with parents’. Apparently you, children, are going to save the world with your access to information and your evolved, perfectly smooth thumbs.

But your thumbs will look small and underdeveloped when compared to the thumbs of someone as organic as Omar-S.

Before Omar decided to invite the electronic dance community into the world of FXHE records and his numerous releases, Alex kept it real working hard in the real world with a real job. Eventually, passion or a burning desire to share the love (whichever came first), connected DJ Omar-S with Fabric and Fabric 45 happened. Most of us were thrilled by the brazen personality from Detroit house city. Most of us hadnt heard of him before then and felt very uncool. For those few who had got their hands on a copy of 002, 003, 1 and 004 — Fabric 45s track familiarity was a little disappointing.

We have since worked out the man marches to the beat of his own drum machine. Our connection with Alex will only be on the dance floor through the instinct of his music. You aren’t going to get any frills, but you are going to get a lot from very little.

This year’s album release,Thankyou for Letting Me Be Myself ,saw the reference to Sly and the Family Stone (we love those Motown shout-outs) and the minimal, raw funk that has become signature to his style. The album, like all of Omar’s music, acts as a translator to a secluded mind. When he does give us something it is given like a bear does affection; the knocks to the head are erratic but have a warmth and semblance to (his) home. 

Bring your Monie to the D and we’ll Bring U A Lil Sumpin Back 

Be Yoself



Omar S