smalltown with Phil Kieran + Funk D Void

smalltown with Phil Kieran + Funk D Void

12th July 2013

Brown Alley

"We are sad to announce that Juan Atkins will not be able to perform due to a severe case of food poisoning that has left him hospitalised.  His condition is improving, however his doctor has said that he is not ready to be released in time for his Australian shows. We hope Juan a full recovery.


We're working hard to finalise new dates and we're hoping for new dates in Oct. Stay tuned.


In melbourne, the show must go on! The two legends, Phil Kieran and Funk D Void playing extended sets


For all Melbourne enquiries please direct enquires to Monty -"


First Kind – Androids

Second Kind – Peter Popper and Peter King

Third Kind – Back to Basics

Fourth Kind – Steve Rubell

Fifth Kind – Sybil Burton

Sixth Kind – Halston dresses and Qiana shirts

Seventh Kind – Régine

Eighth Kind – Swing Kids

Close encounters with smalltown Est. 2011




This July, we welcome the originator of techno, Juan Atkins, into the Australian dimension much like how we did with Derrick back in February. We are showing-off in the office and our palms are sweaty (only on our second coffee for the morning and someone has already locked themselves inside the paper cupboard). The Metroplex founder will not be playing under an alien guise, which means the likeliness of a techno journey through the ages is unofficially confirmed.

It’s hard to pinpoint what sound we like most from the synth master. Atkin’s Grandmother introduced him to music by hammond a good time playing the Boogie Woogie on the Hammond B-3 organ. The synthesis revolution grew up with Juan, like a Labrador puppy does a blonde child. The bond and understanding between them could have rivaled ET and Elliot, and neither had to be put down in the end.

We will be happy with anything funky-dirty and learned from the genre prophet.

 Just maybe we invited Funk D’Void because his name fitted the theme and maybe we wanted some Australian heritage to boast about, what of it? He still sounds good on the dance-floor. Lars Sandberg is the guy who carried techno in the nineties and kept his sense of humour while most lost their hair. Currently based in Barcelona, the Funk divides his time between being a dad, Francois Dubois and a deep techno DJ. With a million things usually in the pipeline (he is the type of guy you’d want to open a bar with someday), Sandberg has been concentrating on his label, Outpost, following the huge Balance 22 release last year. We will be wearing our rudest captioned T-shirts on the night to outdo his Scottish wit.

 Phil Kieran has expanded his musical output into band fun-size. Last month saw the release of Le Carousel, a group that play together, with actual musical instruments (not the showbag, novelty versions you were thinking of). Unfortunately, the band won’t be joining Phil on this leg, but his enthusiasm will be. Not one to sit still within the techno confines, Mr K has delivered a variety of passionate concepts over the years; the 2005 punk beats collaboration with Martin Corrigan in Alloy Mental and his solo debut, SHH, in 2009 were confident leaps into unchartered territory. Le Carousel is perhaps the most surprising yet. We like surprises and the return of Phil for his sixth Australian tour. What do you like?

May the Funk be with you. Always.