smalltown with Shed & South London Ordnance

smalltown with Shed & South London Ordnance

17th November 2013

The Residence


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smalltown at Melbourne Music Week with Shed and Andy Stott


The children climb up from the train tracks,

Over the soft lipped platforms.

Tattered backpacks swing from small shoulders.

The sky stretches yellow,

Coiling the leaves pink.

No cars drive.

Street lights wink as they pass under,

Sprinklers click and spin.

The children step to a small building,

In a small street.

The walls lean like crutches.

This house is their church—

And the music that plays to their hearts therein.


smalltown Est. 2011




German producer, René Pawlowitz, better known as SHED and bettered by his discography, will be playing for you on the first Sunday of MMW.
In 2008, peers and the clergy of RA anointed SHED with album of the year. Following success came other albums, praise and debate on whether SHED’s sound was still the treasure of Berlin and he, the prince of Berghain. SHED still reigns over sound, and will so for your pleasure come Sunday. 

The 23 year old Oscar Morgan may have sought a degree of anonymity, but a year with his head above the parapet - honing skills as both a DJ and producer has paid dividends and we welcome South London Ordnance. 



Co-presented with Melbourne Music Week