smalltown Weekender with Soul Clap & Wolf + Lamb - Part 1

smalltown Weekender with Soul Clap & Wolf + Lamb - Part 1

10th January 2014

The Liberty Social

Bordello Dies Solis


She is hard labour

unravelling to the decree of rest

a pretty resurrection of a golden age

blasé Friday will pluck

your elastic heartstrings into

impulses like two heads colliding

their upside down mouths frothing

Saturday is everywhere

the opportunist, white teeth

fantastic naked with talons as toenails

she will give you your bread

and taketh away

 from her you will wake

somewhere dickless or docking

white lies telling white tails

keeping you up to keep up

on the suns day

she will find you hazy and wasteful

with nostalgia, unstable underneath

the bedcovers looking for something

you haven’t lost

 you charter her time

resentful trapped in honey

uninvited by Monday

you show up all the same.


smalltown est. 2011




Gee, don’t mind something special for Xmas do we? A little extra in your stocking, a bit of money from nan, expensive pity presents from divorced parents, a week long hangover from eating all the crackling. There is a lot to look forward to but we have just made your life worth more than the all the Jerrys in the world combined.

So whats the big deal? Its definitely not Dans new haircut. It must be the Friday all-nighter with Soul Clap & Wolf + Lamb and Saturdays date night with DJ Koze (just enough club dust to keep you slimy for the week). Its your typical sideshows with nothing typical about it. Two shows coinciding too soon after New Years, gift wrapped in one weekend. You can rekindle those fresh serotonin memories from Let Them Eat Cake or pretend you were there if you missed out on a ticket. Pree-tend?

It is quite likely Novel is going to take you through to Rainbow Serpent.


The Mister and Misses of Soul Clap got together with Wolf + Lamb the same way the Virgin Mary lost her virginity. It was divine, there were Brady Bunch photos and it supercharged the momentum of Everybodys Freaky Under Natures Kingdom.

Chances are your little Australian ears first heard whispers of their name in 2009 or in 2010 when your friends returned from Berlin boasting about what they did last European summer. 

Eli Goldstein and Charles Levin (Soul Clap) exchanged mix-tapes with Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi (Wolf + Lamb) in 2007. Their first tour outside USA and into European hearts was in 2008. It wasnt until January 2013 that the quartet finally reached our shores (really? That long?).

With specific influences of Funk, West Coast hip-hop and West Coast synths, dance music hasn’t been the same again. The fusion of Wolf + Lamb’s infamous East Coast Marcy Hotel parties and Soul Clap’s street credit has been nothing short of refreshing.

Their extended family includes the likes of Nicolas Jaar, SECT and Lee Curtis (just to name a few). The family crest clearly reflects the honour of living and dying by the sword.



Soul Clap

Before today there was yesterday and after tomorrow is the future. Elyte and Cnyce's paths were crossed for all time when a Sun Ra light beam sent from Saturn collided with the P-Funk Mothership and sent them tumbling to earth. Now, Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness...

By harnessing the past Soul Clap looks to the future, with forward thinking productions, remixes and edits, creative DJ sets and some of the USA's best dance music events. With the city of Boston firmly in their grasp they organize the highly praised Dancing On The Charles and, and every Wednesday they host Midweek Techno, the area's longest running techno night.

Soul Clap's training goes beyond history lessons to mastering all the elements of the DJ and producer: knowledge, mixing, programming, performance and experience. They honed their knowledge by teaching a university course about dance music at Tufts University. Soul Clap themselves learned that "house wears many hats" and were instilled with the sounds of New York, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia while fostering an addiction to crate-digging, that has become a worldwide quest to acquire the best music.

Soul Clap released their first 12" records on Airdrop Records and then spread their wings with a grip of edits, remixes and originals on Brooklyn’s Wolf + Lamb. With more material coming soon on Crosstown Rebels, Culprit, Glass Table, Suol, Magic Bag & Double Standard (Gadi Mizrahi’s new vinyl only label) and a busy touring schedule already in the books, the boys aren't slowing down in 2010.

Always pushing new boundaries, always traveling through time and space, decades of experience has prepared Soul Clap to free your mind, and your ass will follow.


Wolf + Lamb

Some wild extremes make up the whole that is Wolf + Lamb. Extrovert and introvert, vegan and carnivore, cancer survivor and social saboteur – you’d expect no partnership like this could last for long. But for over a decade, these differences have only sparked the seismic energies that Zev and Gadi bring to dance music. From their subterranean throwdowns in their Brooklyn corner known as the Marcy Hotel, to the 2005 founding and continued expansion of their family of labels, amid the warm winters and electric environs of Miami – it’s always been about the two of them enjoying life, learning to live with each other, and making friends and fans that become part of the family.

As music makers, the two draw as much inspiration from their label cohorts as they do from each other, which makes for a definitive dose of the Wolf + Lamb aesthetic in their upcoming album, to be released in summer of 2012.

From Zev’s savvy design and production, to Gadi’s talent for sniffing out path breaking artists to bring into the fold, there’s a knack they have for making it all hold together. And that means Wolf + Lamb is a home to the artists that thrive on its mantra: Deniz Kurtel, Nicolas Jaar, No Regular Play, Soul Clap, Voices of Black, Tanner Ross, Slow Hands, and more. For Gadi and Zev, nothing could be better than being in this bustling world among these friends, orchestrating the sounds and sights of the moment, and always looking forward to what’s yet to come.