Stranger Presents - Function (USA) & Pangaea (UK)

Stranger Presents - Function (USA) & Pangaea (UK)

9th August 2013

Brown Alley


Need $$$? Get smart.

We’re your friendly Pawnstars from dogtown, El Rombune. We offer two Annie’s for every one sold.

Have confidential cash in a flash. Don’t find an expensive hole to bury your things; we’re like a coin slot laundry rolling junk to gold.

Two hands have two purposes; one to give and one to take. We buy everything so it can be sold. Get a big deal on the little things somebody couldn’t want. It’s honey money. 

Make the most on others. 

Stranger presents - 

Function (Sandwell District, USA) and Pangaea (Hessle Audio, UK).

Real Techno isn't a team sport.