stranger with Answer Code Request

stranger with Answer Code Request

24th July 2015

Brown Alley


Edo came home on the sixth day to find it full of strangers and sounds. He double checked the street address, the time, the day and that he had his keys and wallet. All were there and so was his apartment, only occupied.

In his lounge room people and shapes resembling painted figurative expressions leaned in corners and draped over the couches. It was a room of shadows propped up by second-day, still-going tunes that if were to suddenly stop all standing might fall into a heap.

Wiping white wax from the corner of his mouth Edo walked to his bedroom and swung open the door. Costumes were strewn about; yellow sequins, faux fur and blue chiffon. Five people were on his bed—four tucked in and one on top with his back to him wearing a red raincoat.

That's my coat, Edo thought—but his mind wandered to the footsteps in the hallway. They were louder than most. Bobbing heads turned but no-one moved. Edo returned to the wide-open front door but stood back when he discovered someone like him walk in and undertake his actions from the moments before.

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The Odyssey Sequence
Reflected in Relay Access can only be
Answer Code Request

stranger with Answer Code Request
Friday 24 July
Brown Alley