stranger with Clouds

stranger with Clouds

8th August 2014

Brown Alley



Edo takes a clear plastic bottle, dumps the contents by his feet and cups the plastic in his palm, considering the weight. It crinkles between his fingers. He needs a lightweight container, the kind that bends easily.

The lip of the bottle is narrow. As he pours the Isocol in he leaves a bit of length between the two, stretching the liquid like spun toffee. He fills the base and gives it a quick swill so the sides are coated and replaces the lid.

With both hands he twists the bottle in opposite directions. The pressure inside the bottle swells, air bubbles snapping inside out. The plastic expands like tight skin on round cheeks. He stops at too tight.

The lid is unscrewed and almost off. Edo looks about the park and faces a group of children playing soccer. With a flick, the cap catapults towards them. They turn at the crack. Edo is still, marvelling at the white cloud in his hand.


Perth, Scotland

Two boys make sounds in the snow

Inspired to be harder, better, faster, stronger

They destroyed with the Ghost Systems Rave

Chris Liebling brought you here

Expect to be post knackered

It’s Turbo Techno




Stranger with Clouds


Friday August 8th Brown Alley