stranger warehouse party with Derrick May

stranger warehouse party with Derrick May

14th December 2013


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Wednesday, the red day.

Edo grasped the sparrow’s tail,

before he strummed the lute.

The morning’s gestures ironing out

twisted thoughts and nasty tongues.

I could be doing things.

Like what? Said the first face.

Wearing shorts. Laughing with friends under an umbrella.

You did that yesterday, said the second.

I can do whatever I want!

So what’s the problem? Asked the third.


I would like to climb something,

which might not happen.

I would watch myself climb. I would climb

with myself, ascend to a place

where the air is lighter, cold and still.


And walk together over camelback hills

that trail away to magnetic waves

where cathedral mounds line the path,

scattered like stones left behind,

lucent breadcrumbs for the moon to find.


I would look for something built

with a hidden chamber, comforted by symmetry

somewhere in it’s center.

Inside the belly of something indestructible,


who keeps me safe as I dream and



But you have to work today, said the three.

That’s why I have the shits.

For I am meant to do many things

I can’t without pay.

All the things I was meant to do

Stranger presents Derrick May, 14th December at Howler

Rage on young and old

Derrick brings the melody to our memories

On which our lives depend

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