stranger with ø [Phase]

stranger with ø [Phase]

15th May 2015

Brown Alley


A grand view

to look out at, shared

with a slanted house melting in my grasp

much like this present. Where is it?

But being,

like watching a small child play on the lawn

stops time moving today

and maybe tomorrow,

here where

appearing isn’t enough

preferring to go for long walks by the river

to keep the present in perspective

— a sweet reminder for the existing

to enjoy when

‘Africa’ by Toto comes on,

on a surprise night out with friends.

STRANGER presents

two theoretical opposites

strictly defined and set off against one another

creating a module overload

of undiluted techno

by the under-appreciated

Ø [Phase]

stranger with ø [phase]
Friday 15th May
Brown Alley