stranger with Rebekah (CLR)

stranger with Rebekah (CLR)

23rd May 2014

Brown Alley

Edo’s Top Ten


I spun Rebekahs remixed Blond Slackers and Suicide Mind tonight

Tonight Rebekahs blond mind remixed Suicide Slackers and I spun

Blond slackers spun Rebekahs suicide and tonight I remixed mind

Slackers tonight remixed Rebekahs spun blond mind and I suicide

Spun suicide and I mind Rebekahs blond remixed slackers tonight

And blond Rebekahs spun slackers remixed tonight I mind suicide 

Rebekah’s and I tonight remixed Blond Mind suicide spun slackers

Suicide remixed and blond spun I mind Rebekahs tonight slackers

Mind Rebekahs suicide tonight slackers and I remixed spun blond

Remixed I blond suicide tonight and mind Rebekahs spun slackers



stranger presents Rebekah (CLR)

Friday, 23rd May at Brown Alley


Packing a powerful pummel

And without further ado,

Meet Techno head


Driving dark distortion

Through sonic recipes

And a hard edge,

She is proper.

Create. Learn. Realise


Techno approved