stranger with Recondite

stranger with Recondite

21st March 2014

Brown Alley

Edo reads ‘Milk Bottle’

“When the children were in bed,
The man walked his blue suit,
Thick as carpet, down Main Street,
Holding a tissue to his bloody nose.

Night had crept in with the rats
Scaling the facades grey, roofs to black
Taking windows into a silent movie
Where the man would come alive

Passed the theatre, bank and post
He walked neatly alone
Combing his black hair against a
White face dimpled as a sponge

Beneath the bitumen beats
Ensued, music of the future
Too quick for the present, he
Slipped into a bunker under the road

Strobe lights flickered between invisibility
Overtaking his palpitating heart
Bulbous heads in singlet’s shuffled
And shuffling, their arms lagged behind

Unable to dance in time he sipped
His milk with a short straw
And amongst the orcs began to mime. “
Pity he couldn’t let himself go, Edo thought.

Stranger presents Recondite
March 21st Brown Alley

In the folds of deep house

Concealed from sight

Lorenz Brunner takes us

On Acid into the Hinterland

Intricate melodies

Let's just thesaurus this shit:
Lean, austere… umm