Summer Series with Adana Twins

Summer Series with Adana Twins

6th October 2013

Revolver Upstairs


The DJ Team ADANA TWINS continue to resident in their hood at EGO in Hamburg, but also please the party crowd throughout Germany and Europe with their deep and animating sets.

The duo consists of Take it Easy, the energizer and Freezo, the straight and fluffy guy. This crazy duo was brought together by the power of good Turkish food and their shared love of grooving house music.




When the winter months begin to fall away, slaves of the rave will awake from their slow slumber. This thaw will align with the beginning of the Summer Series. Yes, we are back to fulfill all of your music cravings. Previously, we have presented you with a selection of sweaty and deliciously exciting events, showcasing international artists Radio Slave, Daniel Bortz, Super Flu, Butch, Bicep, Pleasurekraft, Adana Twins, Nick Curly… to name just a few.

Prepare yourselves for a Summer of hypnotic dancing and outlandish madness. Discard of the 50 coats you’ve been wearing for the duration of this cold and unforgiving winter. It’s time to rejoin the lost kids of the rave.

This year features-

*** Adana Twins
*** Chopstick & Johnjon
*** Claptone
*** Finnesbassen
*** Kolombo
*** Midland
++++ plus three more to be announced.....

With our local residents Mic Newman, Isaac Fyrar, Monty McGaw and Safari.