Summer Series with Chopstick & Johnjon + Andre Crom

Summer Series with Chopstick & Johnjon + Andre Crom

3rd November 2013

Revolver Upstairs

CHOPSTICK & JOHNJON are joined by Andre Crom this Sunday for our 3rd instalment of the season. Doors open 7pm till late. 



Vodka, ass-shaking nights and travels - Chi-Thien Nguyen aka Chopstick and John Muder aka Johnjon, want to see the world! John quotes an article about Tiefschwarz that he once read: “We just wanna see the world and what better way is there than seeing it as a DJ.” We totally agreed with that and it is our driving force to this very day.

German born John and the Vietnamese/Canadian Thien first met in Hamburg to which Thien arrives 3 hours late for a set and finds John’s first steps in production rather amusing than inspiring. But at that point where John started to play a few vinyls to show his DJ-sound, the first common ground on style was set! The year 2002 has come and Chopstick & Johnjon become an inseparable duo.

From the Chopstick & Johnjon headquarters in Germany’s capital, the whole thing becomes pretty successful. So the journey begins. Chopstick & Johnjon plug dozens of pins into the globe. Japan, Canada, Australia and Brazil are the countries where the PING-PONG DJs leave their unforgettable traces. The aim of each gig: vodka in the veins… Keep every ass moving throughout the night and then crawl back to the plane!

For the last 2 years the duo have dabbled in all kinds of electronic music, based mostly around techno, house and electro to finally narrow it down to our very own sound which could be merely described as driving, ass shaking tracks that bring a smile to your face. Focus is on the music and melodies. “Harmony rave.” Positive, happy, techy and fat beats.” Those two found their style!




When the winter months begin to fall away, slaves of the rave will awake from their slow slumber. This thaw will align with the beginning of the Summer Series. Yes, we are back to fulfill all of your music cravings. Previously, we have presented you with a selection of sweaty and deliciously exciting events, showcasing international artists Radio Slave, Daniel Bortz, Super Flu, Butch, Bicep, Pleasurekraft, Adana Twins, Nick Curly… to name just a few.

Prepare yourselves for a Summer of hypnotic dancing and outlandish madness. Discard of the 50 coats you’ve been wearing for the duration of this cold and unforgiving winter. It’s time to rejoin the lost kids of the rave.

This year features-

*** Adana Twins
*** Chopstick & Johnjon
*** Claptone
*** Finnesbassen
*** Kolombo
*** Midland
++++ plus three more to be announced.....

With our local residents Mic Newman, Isaac Fyrar, Monty McGaw and Safari.