Voodoo Show

Voodoo Show

19th July 2013

The Liberty Social

!!!This Friday!!!

Voodoo Show at Liberty Social

In this spew-rave equivalent of what Guillermo del Toro had in mind when he wrote Pacific Rim, Harrison Greig- Hurtig of Steeple Jack has brought on board the mecha collection of party purveyors in Novel, Bunker, Post Percy/ Dance technique, 279, Mokumo & Pleasure Planet for an out of nowhere sidewinder of a night this Friday at Melbourne's very own batcave, Liberty Social. 

The real Melbourne Sound

!!Don't Miss!!

Party details:

* Drank specials include $2.50 pots, $4 shots & $5 Gin till midnight
* It's only 10$ entry 
* Say hello to our extra / recently installed sound
* All our Japanese lazers will be turned on.