Border Community - March 2012

Border Community - March 2012

Friday 23rd Mar. Melbourne, Brown Alley
Saturday 24th Mar. Sydney, Chinese Laundry

Border Community has firmly been established as one of the foremost breeding grounds for fresh, new electronic talent on th electronic music scene today. Started by label boss James Holden in 2003, the label has gone on to become well known for its unique sound that is impossible to pigeon hole and can at best be described as "danceable leftfield electronic music". For those music fans looking in from the outside, Border Community is more than just a music label; it's a counter measure to the banality that the charts can offer and a rally call for originality in electronic music. Now thanks to Novel  Australia can experience the euphoria and emotion of one of the world's most respected labels for the very first time as three of the Community's brightest stars make their way to Australia: Luke Abbot, Fairmont and Avus.

Luke Abbot

Norfolk's Luke Abbott was one of the many special artists set adrift after the unfortunate demise of the legendary Output Recordings, and Border Community gladly welcomed him into the family for the release of his musically ambitious Tuesday EP followed by the domineering, unrelenting Whitebox Stereo. 2010 saw the unveiling of the lush organic textures and pagan hypnotics of Holkham Drones, Luke's debut ever-so-slightly-wonky longplayer (a favourite of actor  Elijah Wood!). Luke is no stranger to the live circuit, and has recently adapted his analogue-heavy home set-up into a mobile club-friendly set of dance music in the loosest possible sense to help us drag dancefloors (and beyond) kicking and screaming into the 21st century.


Roving Canadian troubadour Jake Fairley put on his Fairmont alter-ego to join the Border Community and deliver up the lovable club monster Gazebo, which has since taken on quite a life of its own. But it was with his Coloured In Memory album of 2007 that we saw the artist really step out from the shadows, putting his own personalised spin on the melodic electronics concept with an intimate and personal collection of idiosyncratically danceable hits (delightfully wonky singles Flight Of The Albatross and I Need Medicine, for example) nestled amongst a warm and fuzzy home-listening bundle, which Jake translated into a suitably lush and krauty vocal analogue-electronica show for the live forum. As his vocal outpourings now begin to slowly crystallize into an eagerly anticipated follow up album, Fairmont affirms his prevailing vocal tendencies with a dancefloor friendly interim release of truly epic proportions: let the lush harmonic synthscapes and murky, gothy atmospherics of the Velora EP  envelop you like a soon-to-be-favourite jumper


Acid house obsessive Avus gently flexed his muscles with his first instalment for Border Community, the low-slung bassline action of dancefloor workout Real, before returning with a rather more brash musical statement in the form of the deliciously raw feedback frenzy of Furry Hat. His eagerly-anticipated return to the label takes the form of the Poppy EP, the heartwarming story of one man's love affair with his new Moog synthesizer, delivered in four lush syrupy analogue movements. Avus is also an accomplished DJ with a lengthy UK club pedigree (including a resident slot as warm-up man at the former Border Community nights at The End) whose reliable productions are currently propelling his DJ career onto a global platform encompassing all of the usual European suspects as well as Japan and Mexico.