Locked Groove - June / July 2017

Locked Groove - June / July 2017

Friday 30th June. Sydney. Ricardo's
Saturday 1st July. Melbourne. banana : peach

The ever shifting landscape of techno and house has been a fertile ground for new talent, the Belgian-born & Berlin-based Locked Groove is one to emerge from this.

Both his productions and DJ sets share the effortless luster of classic Chicago anthems and the eerie qualities of raw industrial jams. This crossover complexion showcases a bold vision that puts him miles ahead of the tropes with an uncompromising influence.

It comes as no surprise that none other than Scuba picked up on Locked Groove’s sound in 2012. His debut and follow-ups on Hotflush were all uniformly lauded. His other releases on Life & Death, Permanent Vacation and his long-awaited remix of Pional’s “It’s All Over” were met with just as much critical acclaim. Then there’s Locked Groove Records, his eponymous label, carrying his most personal work to date.

2016 is the year that marks his affiliation with Afterlife, the new imprint of Tale of Us. Locked Groove’s momentum seems nowhere near breaking point.