Move D - April 2013

Move D - April 2013

Friday 12th April. Melbourne, Brown Alley
Saturday 13th April. Sydney, Spice Cellar
Sunday 14th April. Adelaide, Sugar



• born 07.09.1966 in Heidelberg

• drum lessons at the Musikschule Heidelberg/Mannheim for 6 years

• jazz guitar and piano lessons in the 80s

• 1990 diploma in sound engineering in Frankfurt 

• soundtracks for films and small tv productions

• 1983 first own record relase

• 1992 founds the label  'Source Records' with Jonas Grossmann

• 1996 2nd own label called 'KM20'

• 1998 works for Bayerischer Rundfunk (Tomboy, Freud's Baby, Konvent, Tonspuren 1-10, Flugbegleiter – sometimes with Thomas Meinecke), gets invited by the Goethe Institut for shows and lectures

• 2002 – 2006 teaches at Bauhaus University in Weimar 

• 2008 working as a tutor for Red Bull Music Academy

• since early nineties: extended touring all around the world spinning records in living rooms, clubs and at festivals


As the world of electronic music continues to move away from the dry, minimal sound, Move D's warm, deep past looks prescient. But while deep house and ambient music may once again fall out of favor, David Moufang, the man behind the Move D name, will most likely keep plugging away until the whole thing comes around again. (After all, he's already been at it for more than 20 years.) He has been churning out the hits with a string of incredible releases for labels like Smallville, Warp, Source Records, Uzuri, Bine, Plug Research, Workshop and Modern Love. Not one to slack off, his live performances have been on par with (if not superior to) his studio work, pulling from all corners of his diverse catalogue in order to create an experience that attacks the hips and head in equal measure. His releases touch on house conventions but are delivered in his own inimitable style, leaving everyone—from long time fans to the uninitiated—with their jaws on the floor.