Todd Terje - December 2014 / January 2015

Todd Terje - December 2014 / January 2015

Tuesday 30th December. Marion Bay, TAS, Falls Festival -Tickets-
Wednesday 31st December. Lorne, VIC, Falls Festival -Sold Out-
Thursday 1st January. Melbourne, VIC, Let Them Eat Cake Festival -Tickets-
Thursday 1st January. Sydney, NSW, Field Day Festival -Tickets-
Friday 2nd January. Byron Bay, NSW, Falls Festival -Sold Out-
Sunday 4th January. Busselton, WA, Southbound Festival -Tickets-


Norwegian DJ, songwriter and record producer. Reffered to as "King of the summer jams. by Mixmag, Todd Terje made his name with a string of remixes and re-edits in the mid 2000s but not not many would know where Terje's musical journey started..... 

Growing up in the rural village of Mjøndalen, dance music influences were scarce, and no, there was never any Diskoklubb there. 

However, during the early/mid nineties dance culture sneaked it way into even the most remote parts of Norway, thanks to the popularity of acts like The Prodigy and national radio stations filling prime time slots with underground jocks found Terje looking for a taste of his own. Around this time in his early teens on a crap PC together with his mate Dølle Jølle, Terje made his first attempts on house and jungle, playing from cassette tapes at junior high dances. Maybe a touch too young for old music back then, Terje reckoned that disco was all a bit silly…. That was until Bjørn Torske’s “Sexy Disco” caught his ears in 1999.


Training to become a pianist Terje enrolled at a local music school, but to his disappointment there wasn’t much jazz being taught there. Gradually leaving the musical career path, he later moved on to studying physics at the University of Oslo. Although not longer aspiring to become a pianist, he was by no means over music. In 2001 Terje got in touch with Prins Thomas, who was at the time working at HS Records in Oslo. Thomas soon recognized his potential, and helped pushing Terje in the right directions. 

Oslo is a small place where like minded folks tend to join forces, and with his thorough musical understanding and nerdy like interest in old and new records spanning from that new Idjut Boys 12” to experimental synth bands very few of us have ever heard of, he soon became one of the key players on the Oslo electronic disco scene. Besides working on his own projects, Terje’s played on some of Prins Thomas’ tracks, and not to mention his remix of the Lindstrøm 12” “Another Station”. 

Is it house, funk, techno or disco? Terje is speaks of catchy rhythms, dubby sounds, dreamy synth layers, cinematic moods, a playful approach and searching for that one nerve when asked to describe his music, and the resistance to being pigeonholed is obvious.

His debut album, It's Album Time, was released in April of this year only bringing Todd Terje further into the spotlight and winning fans worldwide not to mention the praise and attention from critics and those alike.